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AMAZING BREAKDOWNS is the  title of the  last record by THE VALIUM

A proper breakdown  or just  that positively-driven folly caught  in   neurotic sublimation,  eventually converting negative energies  into  driving   creative force is  actually the theme of this last record.

By  no coincidence born in a period of turbulence and change, this blasting,  wicked  work whose   realization took two years,  was recorded by Fabio Calluori at Sonic Temple Studios (Sa)  and mixed 3 more  times  ( London, Bologna,  Cava de’ Tirreni) eventually  coming to light  in the motherland  at  STUDIO XXXV, as just usually  offbeat, therefore  mirroring the  present spirit of the band

Engineered  by the likes of Johnny Paglioli and mastered in Berlin by Stephen Noltmayer , the album frames  the band’s  ever-growing garage wilderness  weaving together with  rock’n’roll  psychedelia. Such a hypnotizing, vigorous  and musically alluring result  which  drew XXXV’s enthusiasm  to the point of   releasing  it within a very short time.

The first  extract from the record is I HATE YOU whose videoclip  was signed by  film director DANIELE ESPOSITO and traces the storyline  of a contemporary, longtime-disillusioned and flipped out Cinderella who is  foolishly resentful of her ex  husband.

The band is at  this time   planning an international tour which will start  from UK as the home TO their sound.

Based in Salerno, italian rock’n’rollers  THE VALIUM have proved  a remarkable compositional  effort   interweaving catchy rock tunes  to sixties inspired music arrangements so far .

Since their  very first demoes  (2001)  the vintage rock attitude of the band has been   fully noticeable in their  energetic , yet plunged  in that sort of English dreamlike  haze, live set   which has ever since characterized  all the  greatest bands of the past.

As once  defined as the starters of NEW BEAT, an unprecedented    merger of  power pop, garage punk  and Italian 60’s rock vibes, THE VALIUM have always valued  the role of their  lyrics, despite the slight recognition of  the Italian as reliable  rock language.  Nevertheless the band has always kept on writing in their native tongue  paying  attention to  the musical aspects of the words and  the overall vocal sound, seeking  a pleasing  narration of a sincere and disillusioned  tale invoking   the daily life of a group of 30-year-olds  in their escape from  conventions.

A rather intense live activity has brought them almost everywhere in Italy, leading to more than 400 shows, along with   a number opening acts  such as TARM, THE FIRE, THE HORMONAUTS, THE ZEN CIRCUS, MARTA SUI TUBI and many others.  Every gig is  driven to the maximum and is reinvigorated by vintage gear calling in  the 60’s and 70’ atmosphere  along with its  messy , cheeky  approach.

The  first  official album  “La Maledizione Sta per Arrivare”, mixed by  Matteo Cantaluppi (The Collettivo, Canadians, Neffa) and mastered in London by  Jon Astley (The Who, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney ) was released on Warner Chappell music /Alkemist-Fanatix in December 2010.

The second album, “Revolution”, released on C.P.S.R.  in April 2013, was characterized by  a more vintage effort  enhanced by the crazy  lo-fi  experimentations   of  MAYBE I’M who engineered the sessions,  along with a greater lyrical  insight on the cheeky, aggressive yet shocking side of life.  Subsequently  the band  engaged in the  Revolution Tour  which ended in the late 2014 collecting  more than  50 national gigs.

In  2015, as a result of an earlier lineup split and  by  the haunting need of being understood by a wider audience, the  band decided to modify their name in THE VALIUM and release music in English , hence their latest album, ‘AMAZING BREAKDOWNS’ out on  XXXV (Giorgio Ciccarelli, Baba Sissoko, Nicodemo, Garbo & Luca Urbani)  and anticipated  by the first single ‘I Hate You’. The VALIUM  is now about to tour Europe and spread around with an upcoming live set that matches the 60’s merseybeat chimes   with blasting  garage punk attitude
The lineup is today formed by Marco Sabino/Vocals , Luigi Sabino/ lead guitars , Luca Maresca / rhythm  guitar , Mariano Lepore/Bass, Davide Maresca/drums

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